Bobbi Genero

Before Weight: 88kg/194 lbs.

After Weight: 82kg/180 lbs.

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

"It was an easy program and diet to follow. I saw results right away! Jaime took the time to Skype me once every week, for 12 weeks. I would definitely recommend her 12 week Platinum Pack."

Jeffrey McMallan

Before Weight: 82kg/180 lbs.

After Weight: 75kg/165 lbs.

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

"I've trained serious for a few years, but never could reach the look I wanted. With Jaime's 12 week plan, I was able to get there with ease. The diet was great, and the program was super easy!"

Melissa Chadborn

Before Weight: 71kg/156 lbs.

After Weight: 61kg/136 lbs.

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

"I really couldn't accomplish this with out the proper guidance from Jaime. Yes, I did all of the hard work but I wouldn't have been able to achieve these goals with out Jaime's meal and training program. Her weekly Skype session's kept me on point!